Faustson adds 5-axis milling for quick-turn machining

Our new DMU 95 monoBLOCK 5-axis milling center from DMG MORI gives us more quick-turn machining capabilities

Faustson, an active service provider in machining and additive manufacturing, has added a new 5-axis milling machine to its existing lineup of 5-axis milling, 3D metal printing, and multi-axis EDM technology. The DMU 95 monoBLOCK is from DMG MORI’s DMU monoBLOCK series of universal machining centers and expands Faustson’s quick-turn machining capabilities.

The new machine is known for its stability, is made from a single casting, and includes advanced software and 60 sensors that monitor its operations. Digital software provides the capability to program complex machining cycles at a much faster rate. Though the DMU 95 monoBLOCK handles all materials and super alloys, Fauston will use it for aluminum and titanium parts that require no additional operations other than heat treating.

The applications for this machine for quick-turn machining span the multiple industries Faustson serves, including aerospace, defense, engineering, medical, and automotive. The increased capabilities it enables allow Faustson to expand their client base and bring additional economic activity to Denver and Colorado.