FELIXprinters announces on availability of FELIX BIO

After introducing its BIOprinter at the recent Formnext 2019, FELIXprinters announced that the machine is now commercially available, and pre-orders are already being processed.

The FELIX BIOprinter has been developed on the chassis of the established FELIXprinters product line. The printer is characterized by key features that are specifically designed for medical, scientific, and research applications, including syringe cooling, print bed cooling and heating, a dual head system, easy syringe positioning, and automatic bed leveling.

The BIOprinter has automatic bed leveling through the use of a unique probing system which results in a perfect first layer, which means a quality end result.

Users of the BIOprinter benefit from the fact that print heads are easy to sterilize, which eliminates the likelihood of contamination. The machine is WIFI and LAN enabled, comes with a one-year warranty, and lifetime customer support.

In addition, the BIOprinter has been designed to be easily upgradeable, which means that the lifecycle of the machine can be extended without compromising quality, reliability, and productivity.