Filament recycling

3DPA members Arca Somni from Croatia believe that filament recycling should be followed by all makers. Inspired by 3D Hubs and their initiative to recycle filament,the topic ‘filament recycling’ is highlighted. Lot of plastics are wasted whilst making masterpieces, but these models affect the environment and the amount of wastage it causes is huge. Regardless of who uses the technology: designers, researchers or the boy next door, there will be failures and with failures comes wastages.

Second dimension is much easier, if we print something in 2D and don’t like it, we just throw it into the recycling bin.

Third dimension is a bit more complicated, firstly to sort it by colour, crush it into tiny pieces and then the rest of the work is up to the extruder.

Filabot, ProtoCycler and Filastruder are used for recycling the filaments, extruders are one of the most exciting developments in the 3D printing world. Recycling filament also helps create jobs, open new markets and change the cycle of poverty.