First full color 3D printer is changing the game

Industrial 3D printer users have had to produce non-functional color parts or implement very expensive solutions, making tradeoffs between color, strength, and price. These tradeoffs have limited the expansion of additive manufacturing to users across the enterprise and inhibited true innovation.

In a giant leap to deliver flexibility and scalability to customers, RIZE INC. has announced new hardware, materials, and IoT functionality: XRIZE, the world’s first true color desktop industrial 3D printer, RIZIUM CARBON and RIZIUM ENDURA materials, and the RIZE CONNECT cloud platform.

For the first time in the industry, XRIZE enables users to manufacture functional polymer and composite parts in full color. And since RIZE’s intelligent and innovative solutions focus on the user as much as the machine, XRIZE is easy to use, safe, and enables markup to provide much-desired IP security, traceability, and branding.

Like RIZE’s first product, RIZE ONE, the experience of using the XRIZE 3D printer is as easy and safe as an office 2D printer.

XRIZE leverages RIZE’s patented Augmented Deposition process by extruding an engineering-grade thermoplastic and simultaneously jetting C, M, Y, K inks through industrial print-heads to achieve the full-color part.

RELEASE INK is jetted between the part and the automatically-generated supports to enable the user to quickly peel the supports away from the part, leaving a smooth surface finish and eliminating the need for additional finishing. With RIZE ONETOUCH software, users can quickly and easily apply text, images and texture maps to monochrome part files and import color CAD files.