Formlabs introduces Dental SG resin

Formlabs has recently declared the first biocompatible resin available for the desktop: Dental SG. With the first material in the line of biocompatible resins, dental professionals can now move from a 3D model to a directly printed surgical guide at a quick turnaround and a tremendously affordable price.

Dental SG is a certified biocompatible Class 1 material designed for high-precision drill guides from digital scan data for implant surgeries. Dentists can now use the Form 2 to create surgical guides, educational models, bleaching trays, retainers, aligners, and more.

When practitioners and researchers have the ability and access to develop incredibly precise tools for surgical applications, it opens up a new range of possibilities for the dental industry and for the medical science industry at large. Along with Dental SG, the company has also updated formulations of Clear, Black, Flexible, and Tough Resins, providing customers with rapid prototyping needs through an improved line of materials. Additionally, Formlabs are excited to launch its new Materials Manager, which allows users to track resin consumption and tank usage, as well as easily switch between resins