Fuel3D launches Fuel3D Studio 2.1

Fuel3D, a leading 3D capture and imaging innovator, has recently launched Fuel3D Studio 2.1, the latest version of its software for processing and manipulating 3D scan data captured by the company’s SCANIFY product. Two major developments include improved Z-axis precision and the ability to process scan data in the cloud.

Fuel3D’s Cat Bird algorithm improves Z-axis precision on scans, which means that scans are processed with improved depth accuracy. The feature has been well received by beta testers who have been testing the new cloud services and Z-axis. The improved Z-axis cloud processing can be applied to previous scan files without the need to re-scan the subject, users simply open any file previously captured by SCANIFY and re-process via the new cloud option in Fuel3D Studio.

The introduction of cloud processing helps to remove the burden of 3D scan processing from the user’s PC or tablet by executing the new algorithm on Fuel3D’s servers. Access to cloud services is provided via a menu function in Fuel3D Studio. In addition to freeing up local processing resources, this new move into cloud processing also allows Fuel3D to distribute new software quickly, like Fuel3D Studio 2.1 which deploys the new Cat Bird algorithm.