G.W.Consultancy build a partnership with AT 3D-SQUARED

Image: www.gwconsultancy.de

G.W.Consultancy is ready to strengthen its presence in Europe. The Germany-based consultancy specialises in Carbon Composite Production, Additive Manufacturing, Kaizen, and offers Extended Consultancy Services to support research and development of customer projects as well as benchmarking with Somos® PerFORM Reflect and Somos® Next with an in-house Viper Si². Now, G.W.Consultancy has established a partnership with AT 3D-SQUARED.

Through the partnership agreement, G.W.Consultancy and AT 3D-SQUARED will support each other technically across all European Territories.

AT 3D-SQUARED Ltd offers an exceptional breadth and depth of knowledge to its clients regarding the combined software, hardware and materials requirements to generate best practice and results with Additive Manufacturing (AM)/3D Printing technologies.