GE, Laser & GKN sign a MoU for AM collaboration

GE Additive, Concept Laser and Arcam AB have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with GKN to collaborate on Additive Manufacturing (AM). The agreement includes the provision of additive machines and services to GKN, allowing them to be a GE Additive Production Partner. GKN also becomes a non-exclusive preferred AM powder supplier to GE Additive and its affiliated companies.

As part of the agreement some of the activities include: (i) GE Additive and its affiliated companies will become non-exclusive preferred suppliers of AM machines to GKN and its affiliates. (ii) GKN will become a GE Additive development and production partner for a range of powder bed and free-form deposition technologies. (iii) GKN will collaborate with GE Additive on part development projects on powder bed machines to enable new market opportunities. (iv) GKN will become a non-exclusive preferred supplier of powder to GE Additive and GE’s industrial businesses. (v) GE Additive’s Engineering Consulting Team (known as “AddWorks”) will assist GKN and its affiliates with the acceleration and industrialisation of AM machines.