GE scientists bags a program to create digital models

A team of scientists at GE Global Research, the technology development arm for GE, have been awarded a four-year, USD 9 M program to develop a rapid process for creating exact digital models of replacement or newly designed parts.

Together with scientists and engineers from GE Aviation, GE Additive, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Navy Nuclear Lab (NNL) and the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM), the team is building digital twins from model-based data on parts and sensor-based data from 3D metal printers to dramatically speed up the qualification and certification process for replicating and printing replacement parts no longer manufactured for various naval marine and aviation assets and to create parts for newly designed assets. GE’s Digital Twins are living, learning digital models of physical assets, parts, processes and even systems.

The four- year program will occur in two two-year phases. Phase 1 will focus on the underlying software and hardware developments. In Phase 2, we will build a complete additive system that demonstrates the rapid and robust creation of a part’s digital model or digital twin.