GE team pioneer the development of Blockchain Network

A multi-disciplinary team at GE Research has pioneered the development of a quantum-secure Blockchain Network for 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, which can manage digital transactions for making parts from powder to finished part. The team’s work has been recognized by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) with a 2019 Manufacturing Leadership Award for Supply Chain Leadership.

Benjamin Beckmann, GE Research’s Blockchain Leader, will present the team’s results at the 2019 CONSENSUS Blockchain Conference being held in New York City. With additive being a principally digital-driven process and its increasing use to make critical industrial parts, Beckmann noted that a blockchain-enabled supply chain provides an ideal framework for managing these additive transactions reliably and securely.

The GE Research team pioneered its blockchain-enabled transactional platform for additive manufacturing in its innovative Forge Lab, which explores what’s possible at the edge of feasibility. The platform combines the need for pervasive data integration with a high degree of cryptographic communications and data storage enabled by quantum communication channels and ultra-fast quantum key distribution technologies.

Blockchain Framework developed at GE Research could have a much broader impact across a wide range of critical applications in commercial and government operations.