GE transforming Concept Laser

After acquiring controlling ownership of Concept Laser GmbH of Germany, GE  is moving quickly to transform the additive manufacturing firm by expanding its headquarters, growing its employee base and support teams, and investing in next-generation additive equipment and materials.

When GE acquired a 75% stake of Concept Laser in mid-December, 2016, the company had about 200 employees. Today, employment has grown to 244 and is expected to reach between 350 to 400 people (mostly engineers and technicians) by early 2018.

Meanwhile, architectural concepts are being finalized for a significant expansion of the headquarters in Lichtenfels, Germany, with new floor space for manufacturing, product development and test, and administration.

Concept Laser designs and manufacturers powder bed-based laser additive manufacturing machines. Its customer base is focused on the aerospace, medical and dental industries, with a meaningful presence in automotive and jewelry.

Concept Laser is collaborating with the GE Additive Technology Center (ATC) in Cincinnati, Ohio. GE engineers are identifying where additive manufacturing can be used to mass-produce sophisticated components for industrial products, including components for jet engines produced by GE Aviation, a world-leading end user of additive manufacturing technology.