GEFERTEC’s 3DMP process creates prints with metal wires

Berlin-based GEFERTEC has invented a new patented technology for metal 3D printing using a wire feedstock instead of powders. GEFERTEC’s 3DMP process is a hallmark of their arc603 and arc605 machines, both of which use modern arc welding-based workflows.

This is a unique system in the pantheon of metal additive manufacturing due to the absence of lasers and powders. The system uses an electric arc welding, enabling the successive layering of the prints as it deposits. These provide a great degree of flexibility to the users, allowing for a range of possible shapes.

GEFERTEC’s 3DMP process is also a CNC milling/3D printing hybrid, using the milling process as a finishing method. Due to the presence of on-hand milling tech, the entire piece can be complete and ready with subtractive finishing on the printbed.

The process has 3 steps: printing an approximate estimation of the model, scanning and then finishing it off with the CNC system. It’s certainly an interesting method with a new design approach. It may even be more economical and material-efficient in comparison with powder systems.