GKN signs a strategic partnership with Kueppers

Due to its intelligent design, the mixing unit is only feasible in metal additive manufacturing. © Kueppers Solutions

GKN Additive, the metal additive manufacturing (AM) company, and Kueppers Solutions, a specialist for industrial combustion technology, announced their strategic partnership recently. By mass-producing highly energy-efficient mixing units for industrial burners, both companies tap into a new market and create a thorough reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions in the industry.

To make the burning process more efficient, Kueppers Solutions has developed a mixing unit for natural gas burners that optimizes the combustion process with a significant reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions. Due to its intelligent design, the application is only feasible in metal additive manufacturing. With GKN Additive, Kueppers Solutions has found a powerful partner for further market expansion.

Both partners’ current focus is on the ramp-up of the mixing unit’s series production in selective laser melting (SLM) and the joint development of an individual material, engineered for the application. GKN intends to manufacture the next generation of the mixing unit using their metal binder jet solution HP Metal Jet; the application is ideally suited for this process and will become more cost-effective.