Guhring creates specialty cutting tools with Markforged

Markforged announced that Guhring UK has introduced Markforged additive manufacturing into its custom cutting tool line. Utilizing their Metal X 3D printer, Guhring UK has created and put into production an H13 Tool Steel milling cutter with a uniquely-designed infill for increased efficiency. The new tool reduces the weight of the part by 60% and the cost by 75%, and will allow the team to open new revenue streams and better serve their customers.

Guhring UK is the Birmingham-based subsidiary of cutting tool manufacturer Guhring Group. The company specializes in made-to-order carbide and polycrystalline diamond (PCD) cutting tools.

Currently, Guhring UK has supplied a comprehensive range of production-grade 3D printed metal cutting tool bodies, for milling and special purpose applications. Guhring’s own tooling design engineers were extremely impressed with the results.

The 3D printed tool is 60% lighter than its traditional predecessor, which allows for faster tool changes in cycles and a reduction in cycle times. And at a 75% cost savings, this application allows the company to produce more versatile, lightweight tools for its customers at a far lower price.