Gumennik develops Innovative 3D Printing techniques

Alexander Gumennik, an assistant professor of intelligent systems engineering at the School of Informatics and Computing, is part of a group that has developed a revolutionary 3D printer that will provide professional printing capabilities at a fraction of the current cost.

Gumennik, who is also the director of ISE’s Fibers & Additive Manufacturing Enabled Systems (FAMES) Laboratory, was part of a presentation in Boston at MIT’s Digital Factory, which is an event focusing on digital manufacturing. Gumennik worked with Formlabs, a leader in high-resolution 3D desktop printing, to develop the optics for Fuse 1, a laser-sintering powder-bed printer that turns a raw powdered material into a solid.

Gumennik is developing 3D printing techniques that will be able to print fiber performs in metals, semiconductors, and insulators in an automated and precise manner.

Gumennik is integrating his work with Formlabs and MIT into the FAMES Lab, which is currently being built at SoIC. Its feature includes a fiber draw tower, 3D printing of performs, material processing cleanrooms, and device characterization labs.