Henkel and Fortify join to drive the potential of AM

A 3D printed tool by Fortify which is used to mold an automotive part

Henkel and Fortify recently initiated a development agreement that allows both companies to mutually combine their areas of expertise and further drive the potential of additive manufacturing. Henkel has developed custom technology that enables durable, high temperature and high modulus resins. Through collaboration, Henkel has designed several formulations that allow Fortify to achieve new outcomes for industrial customers.

The combined solution leverages Fortify’s Digital Composite Manufacturing (DCM) 3D printing technology, which mixes reinforcing fibers with Henkel’s resins, and then utilizes magnetics to align the fibers for optimum strength in printed parts.

With industrial applications, the use of fiber-reinforced polymers continues to accelerate. Injection-molded parts that are reinforced with fibers typically show 20 to 100% increases in strength, stiffness and heat deflection temperature (HDT). Fortify brings these same performance advantages to the 3D printing space in a variety of use cases.

3D printed injection mold tools are one application where Fortify is focusing on its partnership with Henkel.

Leveraging Henkel’s material, Fortify will begin field beta testing its 3D printers in the spring of 2020.