Henkel with Rapid Shape to expand 3D printing solutions

Henkel and Rapid Shape collaborate for novel 3D printing solutions with focus on the mass production of functional parts.

To further drive the mass production of 3D printed functional parts, Henkel is partnering with Rapid Shape, Heimsheim, Germany, a provider of high-speed technologies for additive manufacturing. The companies aim to align Henkel’s materials expertise with Rapid Shapes’ printer technology.

Rapid Shape has joined Henkel’s open materials platform to expand the existing collaboration of both companies for novel 3D printing solutions. As part of the partnership, Rapid Shape will certify Henkel’s materials for use on its open DLP printer systems like the I30+. Henkel will include Rapid Shapes’ DLP printing technologies into its broad 3D printing ecosystem and will leverage the new solutions to its customer base across more than 800 industry segments.

Both companies have intensively tested Henkel’s high-performance materials on Rapid Shapes’ industrial I30+ 3D printers. The combination of materials and machine solutions enable the 3D printing of high-quality parts for a variety of applications. Henkel´s Loctite 3D 3820 ultra-clear resin, for example, allows customers in the health and other industrial sectors to produce transparent high-performance parts for use in visual flow inspection, covers and lenses.