HIP with URQ set up a new quality benchmark for the FIT

A state-of-the-art hot isostatic press (HIP) with Uniform Rapid Quenching (URQ®) from Quintus Technologies will introduce a new quality benchmark for the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group. Coming online in September 2019 in FIT’s main facility in Lupburg, Germany, the press will enable the additive manufacturing (AM) specialist to boost productivity while nimbly responding to the heightened industrial requirements for 3D printed metal series parts.

The HIP addition reflects FIT’s position as a pioneer of additive manufacturing. Committed to radical innovation to expand the vast range of potential applications for 3D printing, FIT has consistently been an early adopter of new technologies that offer production synergies, such as HIP and HPHT.

In recognition that its HIP will become integral to production, FIT also opted for a five-year Quintus® Care agreement. This rigorous preventative maintenance program optimizes press functionality at a fixed annual cost, offering FIT even more support in reducing operational risk while providing access to Quintus’ vast HIP application knowledge.

FIT will also benefit from the press configuration as a Quintus Modularized Solution, a space- and energy-saving profile that simplifies building and civil work and reduces infrastructure investment.