Höganäs Digital Metal® P2000 installed at CETIM

Höganäs installed a new 3D printer recently for CETIM, a French industrial institute. The new covered printer, a Digital Metal® P2000, was photographed before it was wrapped in plastics and transported to CETIM at St Etienne, France. A dedicated truck was fully loaded with printer and auxiliary printing equipment before it left for the journey to France.

The printer sits on a common platform facilitating transportation and installation. The cover reduces noise level dramatically and the required safety footprint is smaller compared to the open printer concept.

It is also equipped with upgraded build box, upgraded ink supply system and powder handling system.

The installation continues during this week with training of CETIM dedicated personnel. The printer was delivered to CETIM as a part of a license agreement. CETIM is a French Industrial institute and very active in promoting new technology to its member companies.