HP Fast Radius innovate aircraft maintenance for Satair

HP showcased a new collaboration with Fast Radius to innovate aircraft maintenance for Satair. HP and Fast Radius are enabling Satair to continually improve best practices and create new solutions to expedite aircraft maintenance.

Satair, an Airbus services company, serves customers in the global aerospace value chain by delivering parts management, distribution, and support solutions. Anticipating individual customer needs, Satair approached Fast Radius, a one-stop multi-process manufacturing partner that helps customers innovate the way they design, make, and fulfill products and member of HP’s Digital Manufacturing Network, with a vision to reduce flight delays by transforming the speed and sustainability of aircraft maintenance tool delivery.

In total, HP and Fast Radius worked together to redesign and produce three new tools for Satair: GAGS Tool Pads, Pintle Bearing Alignment Tools, and Flap Zero Locking Tools.