Identify3D & SLM collab to secure digital manufacturing

Identify3D, a software provider for digital manufacturing security, quality and traceability, has announced its collaboration with SLM Solutions Group AG (“SLM Solutions”), a leading supplier of metal-based additive manufacturing technology.

Identify3D will provide a solution for data protection coupled with contractual and manufacturing licensing from design to production on SLM® laser melting machines. By securing all digital data in the engineering phase, the technology enables SLM Solutions to secure digital IP, enforce production rules and provide traceability in the digital supply chain at the industry’s highest standard.

This collaboration will enable industries to accelerate their adoption of Additive Manufacturing to deliver much needed solutions to disrupt existing supply chains of the aerospace, transportation, tooling, energy and healthcare industries.

Through its integration of Identify3D EnforceTM with SLM’s MCS machine control software, the Proof of Concept ensures secure parts delivery to SLM®125, SLM®280, SLM®500, and SLM®800 additive machines with control over quantities to be produced, over a defined period of time with selected parameters.