IKEA to launch mass produced 3D printed collection

3-D-printed hands for displaying jewelry. Image source: IKEA Today

IKEA was already taking steps into the world of 3D printing and is going to step it up with mass produced 3D printed objects.

Back in 2016 IKEA introduced the option to 3D print characters from the GLÖDANDE limited edition collection.  A universe of creatures that dream of making the world a better place, developed in close cooperation with Belgian fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck.

Five ‘Wondermooi’ creatures from this collection could be 3D printed; the 3D drawings were available for downloading, and came with painting instructions as well.

A character from the GLÖDANDE limited edition collection. Source: Ikea.com.

Around the turn of the year, IKEA launched a 3D knitted armchair, created by for the experimental PS collection by in-house designer Sarah Fager.

And now, IKEA is going to release a 3D printed collection: mass produced 3D printed objects for in our homes. Quite a leap since 3D printing so far has been mainly used for prototyping and the production of small, customised series.

Sami Mattila, founder of Materflow in Finland, places newly printed items in the automatic blasting machine to remove powder residue.

The collection is called OMEDELBAR, which is Swedish for immediate, direct (without intermediary or middle man). IKEA is collaborating on this project with Bea Åkerlund, stylist of Lady Gaga and Beyoncé.

In an interview with IKEA Today, Bea says: “It’s a collection for the people: a Bea – IKEA mash up. I wanted it to be fun, relatable and accessible to everyone.”

The OMEDELBAR collection will be launched next year. The 3D fab+print team will be happy to help with testing…  Meanwhile, a fun thing to do is using 3D printing to hack IKEA objects you already have in your home. My personal favourite: Lackness. And you can then still use IKEA LACK to create a 3D printer framework.