Inkbit raises USD12 M equity led by Stratasys and DSM

Inkbit, the company that built the first 3D printer driven by vision-based feedback control and artificial intelligence, announced recently the closing of a USD12M equity financing round led by Stratasys and DSM Venturing, the venture capital arm of Royal DSM, with additional participation from Ocado, 3M, and Saint-Gobain. Inkbit is also funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the National Science Foundation and MassVentures.

Proceeds will be used to industrialize Inkbit’s additive manufacturing system to fit the requirements of multi-material and volume manufacturing, expand the set of materials for medical, life sciences and robotics applications and install the first units for customers.

2D material jetting is currently used across a range of industrial processes, such as ceramic and textile manufacturing. While its 3D counterpart is well proven in prototyping applications, a limited material choice has restricted its use in production. The contactless material jetting process developed by Inkbit eliminates the need for planarization and enables the printing of multi-material parts with production-grade materials.

Inkbit machines will provide customers with volume production capabilities, higher accuracy and automated quality assurance for every printed part.