Inovsys installs Prodways P1000 in Henri Technocenter

Prodways Technologies and Inovsys have announced the installation of the new ProMaker P1000 3D selective laser sintering printer in the Henri-Fabre Technocenter to support the development of mass production solutions for future industry.

In the context of this purchase, Inovsys takes on the latest 3D printing technology in terms of qualification and integration of additive manufacturing in industry.

The new ProMaker P1000 3D printer from Prodways allows research centers to develop their own materials and innovating applications for mass production.

Inovsys is working with the Prodways Promaker P1000 3D printer on three main subjects: (i) 3D printing cost optimization for mass production by working on material optimization, its impact on the environment and its refreshing rate, (ii) The inclusion of 3D printing technology in a complete and certified process, in particular by working on robotization and the development of post-process peripherals to ease its inclusion in industrial production, and (iii) The development of calculation code to predict the deformation of a part before manufacturing it.