Intech unveils a “true Made-in-India” metal 3D Printer

Intech Additive Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Intech DMLS Pvt. Ltd.) has designed, developed and delivered to the Indian Manufacturing Industry a range of Metal 3D Printers manufactured in the country.

The newly launched iFusion series of Metal 3D Printers—iFusion SF1 and iFusion LFMulti, designed and built at Intech Additive Solutions’ facility in Bangalore, is a significant milestone in the innovation journey of Intech and Metal Additive Manufacturing in India.

Intech Additive Solutions has been providing various industries with end-to-end solutions, from concept design to fully functional Production parts. These industries include Aerospace, Automotive, General Engineering, and Medical Market segments in India and Abroad.

The iFusion SF1 is a smaller format machine dedicated to R&D Laboratories, Universities, Institutions, and academies. The iFusion LFMulti is a large format multi-laser machine with extensive features designed for the industrial use of Metal Additive Manufacturing.