Ira3D introduces new 3D printer: Poetry Infinity

Ira3D introduces Poetry Infinity, a new multimaterial 3D printer with outstanding features. Poetry Infinity is the advanced model of Poetry2, with the characteristics of accuracy, reliability and huge building volume (250x250x300 mm), but with significant improvements in its performance, especially in speed and acceleration.

The new model effectively reaches 400 mm/s of printing speed, using the new Fast Layer Deposition technology, which is more than twice the previous version (which can print up to 180 mm/s).

Poetry Infinity has the ability to handle really high accelerations (9000 mm/s2, instead of 3000 mm/s2 of the previous model), allowing the machine to use the full potential of its speed, while maintaining very good printing precision. Poetry Infinity can reach a resolution of even 15 microns (0,015 mm) on the Z axis, providing maximum accuracy of the finished object.

The innovative part of the new printer is the dual extruder, renovated and entirely made of metal, able to reach a higher temperature (280°C), hence also suitable for printing particular materials, such as polycarbonate and graphene. And with the Soluble Support System it is possible to print complex objects with support structures soluble in water or limonene.

The other innovations introduced with Poetry Infinity are the Sidekick system for uninterrupted printing in case of no power, and the Phoenix System to resume print after a forced interruption of the building process, for example during an electrical black-out that lasts for several hours.

Poetry Infinity will be officially on sale starting from September 2015.