Kennametal launches Kennametal AM: a 3D business unit


Kennametal Inc. announced recently that it has formed a 3D printing materials and production business unit, Kennametal Additive Manufacturing, as part of its Infrastructure segment. The new business unit, which is already shipping production parts to customers, combines the Company’s longstanding expertise in materials science and wear-resistant solutions with additive manufacturing capabilities to supply high-performance metal additive powders and fully finished 3D printed parts for wear, erosion, corrosion, and high-temperature applications.

Kennametal has been leveraging 3D printing materials and processes within its existing businesses for some time to manufacture prototype components and cutting tools. The new Kennametal Additive Manufacturing business builds on these capabilities to offer comprehensive 3D printing solutions, from raw material to finished part.

Kennametal Additive Manufacturing has already shipped its first production parts to customers in the oil and gas and power industries. These high-performance wear components include parts printed with powders specifically designed and optimized for 3D printing, including Kennametal KAC89 tungsten carbide and Stellite™ 6 AM, a wear-resistant cobalt-chrome alloy.