LightHinge+ reveals potential AM, Automotive production

Under the umbrella of the joint project “LightHinge+”, EDAG Engineering GmbH, voestalpine Additive Manufacturing Center, and Simufact Engineering GmbH have joined forces to demonstrate the practical use and potential of additive manufacturing technologies in automotive production. LightHinge+ is an additively manufactured hood hinge that combines lightweight construction and increased safety in a single construction. The partners will present the project results at the EDAG IAA exhibition stand in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

Using bionic principles, EDAG engineers were able to determine the minimum material requirements and achieve a 50% weight advantage over the reference.

Simufact came into its own with its software solution “Simufact Additive”, specially developed for additive production.

With Simufact Additive, the actual printing process and the subsequent process steps can be simulated and thus distortions and residual stresses can be predicted.

In the end, the voestalpine Additive Manufacturing Center achieved an economical, resource-saving production with low rework. The hinge is thus as good as ready for use after the laser melting process.