LPW facilitate metal powder AM specification in AMUG

LPW Technology will be focusing on the ability of materials to drive improvement in metal Additive Manufacturing at this year’s AMUG event. Its ‘Workshop for the Generation of Additive Manufacturing Specific Powder Specifications’ aims to equip attendees with an understanding of the limitations of current standards for specification, and the effects of alloy variables on AM processing outcomes and how these can be controlled.

For metal powders to deliver AM built parts with the required properties, the powder specification must establish limits which are tight enough to ensure any variations do not have an effect on process and application performance, yet include sufficient tolerances to accommodate manufacturing and testing variance.

Not only can a metal powder move from, the current specification limits in terms of its chemistry and physical properties. This can result in issues with material processability during part manufacture or with the final mechanical properties of the part itself.

LPW will be hosting a webinar introducing the concepts of powder specification for AM in the run-up to AMUG.