LPW/Royal Academy develops AM alloys using PowderSolve

The LPW/Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair in ‘Alloy and microstructure design for additive layer manufacturing’ has been created to capitalise on the exciting potential data mining and alloy design for the rapidly growing metal additive manufacturing (AM) technology for novel, high-performance metal powder development.

Industrial partner, LPW Technology Ltd, is committing to a team of researchers at LPW and Lancaster University working together in the pursuit of developing new AM specific alloys.

LPW’s PowderSolve AM traceability software tool will be the backbone of this data-rich research project, to ensure that the maximum intelligence in powder performance is mined from the vast array of inputs.

The ability to collect, simulate, record and analyse data throughout the AM build process and relate accurately to component functionality, underpins the application of fundamental science to practical industrial adoption. PowderSolve is a key to controlling this data and this research promises to add confidence in the intelligence and control of additive manufacturing, accelerating high-growth in critical production environments including the aerospace and medical sectors.