Luxexcel and OPTIS ease optics design

Luxexcel and OPTIS have declared a collaboration, which enables an easy route from CAD design to custom 3D printed prototype. Luxexcel and OPTIS combine software and additive manufacturing to provide a complete service to optical designers. Peter Paul Cornelissen, Head of Marketing and Online Business Development at Luxexcel explained: “With the integration of the Luxexcel material in the OPTIS Library you can design your file with our material properties included. This will significantly speed up your design- and prototyping-process. Our online service has three easy steps: design, upload and receive your product. After the customer designs his lens or light guide, he uploads and orders it online on the customer portal. We check the design, print it and ship it to the customer within 5 working days. With this digital process we will change a 3000 years old analogue industry and make it future proof.”

OPTIS’ software solutions enable designers and engineers to create a digital lighting plan and optical design of their future product. Within the software these virtual prototypes can be tested and verified immediately. “With our software and the additive manufacturing technique of Luxexcel you can speed up this process and reduce your costs significantly”, says Jacques Delacour, OPTIS founder and CEO. “When you design a part, you want to see it, test it and if needed you want to iterate it. The actual prototype offers this possibility.” 3D printed optics offer the possibility to quickly and iteratively develop the designs. It reduces throughput time and costs and allows for customized and optimized solutions.