Made In Space partners NanoRacks for On-Orbit satellite manufacturing, assembly and deployment using AM

Made In Space, the space manufacturing company, partners with NanoRacks, the commercial low-Earth orbit service provider, to provide a transformative new service for CubeSat developers: the Stash & Deploy satellite deployment service.

The Stash & Deploy service will leverage NanoRacks’ heritage in CubeSat deployment and Made In Space’s in-space additive manufacturing capabilities to provide on-demand satellite manufacturing, assembly, and deployment to the space environment.

Various standard and customer-specific satellite components will be collected on board a satellite deployment platform, such as the International Space Station. These components are “stashed” for rapid manufacture of CubeSats. Made In Space’s additive manufacturing facility will be used to create the custom structure, optimized for both the space environment and customer need.

Andrew Rush, president of Made In Space says “In the near future, we envision that satellites will be manufactured quickly and to the customer’s exact needs, without being overbuilt to survive launch or have to wait for the next launch.”

Customers will easily and quickly design their satellite or get their satellite designed based on their requirements. After designing, the optimized structure will be created on orbit and the necessary components will be integrated. The satellite will then be deployed into low Earth orbit. The entire process will occur in a very little time necessary to build, manifest, launch and deploy satellites from the ground.

The Stash & Deploy service makes on-orbit assembly and deployment of small satellites a powerful option for satellite operators who wish to push the envelope of modern space development and deploy hardware faster than the traditional CubeSat deployment.

“Made In Space was founded with the belief that one day entire spacecraft will be manufactured in space. With Stash & Deloy, NanoRacks and Made In Space make the first step towards this goal,” says Made In Space’s CTO and Co-Founder, Jason Dunn.