MakerBot opens a new, bigger Brooklyn Factory for AM


MakerBot  recently opened its new, 170,000-square-foot factory in Brooklyn, NY, to ensure that “Made in Brooklyn” will continue to be inscribed on the back of MakerBot Replicator 3D Printers for years to come.

Diana Pincus, MakerBot’s vice president of operations joined MakerBot three years ago, when the factory was in a Gowanus garage and her desk was a plank on two sawhorses. Pincus oversaw the creation of the new factory, which streamlines production, doubles production capacity compared to MakerBot’s old Industry City facility, and follows principles of lean manufacturing, which emphasizes waste reduction and efficiency.

“Lean is a culture, not an activity, so we’re on a journey to making the MakerBot Factory a world-class manufacturing facility,” said Pincus, whose team uses its 3D printers to create the jigs and fixtures they depend on improve the productivity and quality of their work.

Other speakers at the opening were Randy Asher, principal of Brooklyn Technical High School; Dan Freedman, dean of the school of science and engineering at the State University of New York at New Paltz; and Ryan Grepper, the inventor of the Coolest, a souped-up cooler which raised $13.2 million last summer on Kickstarter.

Grepper announced that Coolest would start shipping this week and explained how he prototyped his cooler using his MakerBot Replicator, and that 3D printing made it possible for him to test his ideas quickly and make improvements.

Freedman, who established the first MakerBot Innovation Center at New Paltz, concurred, calling 3D printers “the Swiss army knife of fabrication technologies.”