Martin welcomes Jose Pozo to Nanoscribe’s DemoLab

(from left to right) Dr. Michael Thiel (CSO Nanoscribe), Dr. Jose Pozo (Director Technology and Innovation EPIC), Martin Hermatschweiler (CEO Nanoscribe), Dr. Fabian Niesler (Head of Applications and Processes, Nanoscribe) and Dr. Nicole Lindenmann (Application Manager, Nanoscribe)

CEO Martin Hermatschweiler welcomed EPIC Director Dr. Jose Pozo to Nanoscribe’s DemoLab recently. During the visit, the EPIC responsible for technology and innovation experienced a live demonstration of the 3D printing process on the Photonic Professional GT2. With the technical experts of Nanoscribe, Pozo discussed promising applications in the field of optics and photonics as well as the implementation of Nanoscribe’s 3D printing technology into standard industrial processes for the fabrication of micro-optics.

For example, 3D printed high-precision micro-optics can be used as polymer masters for replication processes such as injection molding, hot embossing, and nanoimprint. The use of 3D printed polymer masters in the production chain of micro-optics enables serial manufacturing of highly sophisticated optical components that are required in mobile and augmented-reality devices as well as in the automotive industry and advanced instrumentation in medical engineering.

Nanoscribe is a member of the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC). The industry is a strategic target market of the company, which is well networked with scientific institutes and internationally operating companies.