Materialise and CA Tech develops CA Tech Build Processor

Materialise NV, one of the leading provider of Additive Manufacturing software and sophisticated 3D printing solutions, has set up a partnership with CA Tech, a Korean machine manufacturer specialized in DLP. Materialise and CA Tech will closely work together to develop the CA Tech Build Processor.

CA Tech is a Korean company, specialized in a 3D printing technology similar to Digital Light Processing. They were the first in Korea to develop a bottom-up system that uses an LCD panel as a light source to harden layers of resin. Their innovative use of an LCD panel allows them to build large parts on their machine platforms (cf. Mobius 3530 has a platform size of 350*300*300 mm). CA Tech also developed a unique flexible material that is frequently used in the shoe industry.

The CA Tech Build Processor will be a user-friendly platform that facilitates the communication between the CA Tech Mobius printers (Mobius 3530, 3220, 2620, 2010, 1590) and 3D printing software. Users of Mobius printers will be able generate a whole range of support structure types in a semi-automated way, with the freedom to manipulate the support manually. In addition to high-level support generation, users of the Mobius printers will have access to functionalities of Magics, Materialise’s state-of-the-art data preparation package. This enables them to analyze errors in STL files, repair them, edit the files, and more. The repaired design with the optimal support structures can then be sliced and printed on a Mobius DLP printer.