Materialise designs 3D orthopaedic guide for US

Materialise has expanded its 3D printed orthopaedic solutions to include osteotomy guides for adults in the United States with metacarpal/phalange and clavicle bone deformities. These guides, developed in collaboration with surgical teams, are designed specifically for each individual patient to help orthopaedic surgeons understand and execute with confidence.

Materialise 3D printed guides can be used in most operations, from standard procedures to highly complex cases. As each guide is patient-specific, they can give orthopaedic surgeons increased confidence in the operating room, and have in some cases, been used to perform first of their kind corrections.

Working in coordination with the surgical team, Materialise assisted in reconstructing the elbow virtually to assess potential risks and develop a surgical plan. A successful elbow transplant, in combination with affixing the surrounding soft and joining tissues, made this a first of its kind surgery, marking a milestone in the orthopaedic industry.

Pioneering procedures such as elbow transplant, drives Materialise to continue innovating and strengthening the company’s mission of developing products that result in a better and healthier world.