Materialise launch certification program for 3D models

Materialise a world leading 3D printing solutions provider, is working with partners to remove uncertainty and confusion for hospitals and physicians who are incorporating 3D printing into their diagnostic and surgical planning processes.

Materialise has launched a certification program that allows printer manufacturers that partner with the company to have products tested and validated as being fully compatible with Materialise Mimics inPrint software. inPrint is the first and only software to gain clearance from the FDA to develop 3D printed anatomical models for diagnostic and surgical planning uses.

Materialise is working to address potential challenges for health care providers by ensuring their 3D operations are fully compatible and meet quality standards for developing and printing patient-specific 3D anatomical models.

Stratasys and Ultimaker are the first two 3D printing hardware partners to participate in this program and to have their products tested by Materialise to certify compatibility.

Materialise’s testing certifies that when used in combination with Mimics inPrint software and in compliance with relevant quality assurance standards, a printer is capable of printing models suitable for use in surgical planning and multidisciplinary communication.