Materialise strengthens its position in healthcare


Materialise is a world leader in the development of technology enabling personalized healthcare solutions. Materialise’s latest patent, accepted by the Australian Patent Office, concerns Materialise’s 3D planning technologies and 3D-printed guides which enable the design of screw placements for the fit and fixation of customized implants. With the recent expansion of its portfolio of medical patents, Materialise continues to strengthen its unique position in the healthcare industry, supporting its commitment to help patients worldwide through technological innovation.

Materialise is in a unique position to support surgeons with planning tools and personalized medical devices for complex patient cases. The latest addition to the portfolio in Australia strengthens the company’s expertise in personalized implant development, in particular Materialise’s 3D planning technologies and 3D printed guides that allow the accurate planning and design of screw placements for customized implants, ensuring the desired fixation and bone preservation.