Medical professionals partners with Materialise – trials

Cardiovascular medical device developers across the United States have partnered with Materialise, using the company’s 3D printing software and services to improve outcomes and efficiency in these extensive and often costly trials and help bring innovations to market.

With Materialise 3D imaging and printing solutions, surgeons and device companies are able to analyze and select ideal patients for clinical trials, based on their anatomy. The medical professionals can use 3D printed, patient-specific anatomical models to develop surgical plans and workflows to prepare for and treat complex cases, resulting in a positive impact on patient care.

For medical device developers, 3D printing also provides a more efficient process for prototype and medical device manufacturing, allowing developers to create trial-ready devices, either at the point of care or through Materialise’s 3D printing services.

Materialise, a leader in software solutions and 3D printing services in the medical and industrial markets, helps hospitals differentiate themselves as innovators and leaders in developing successful clinical trials.