Met-L-Flo acquires new 3D scanning arm – ROMER

Met-L-Flo has recently acquired a new 3D scanning arm. The addition of a ROMER Arm provides accurate measuring and performing multiple inspection services. This scanning device retrieves precise measurements with less user error. This Arm can measure any type of part with minimal alterations regardless of the material or shape. The touch probe component of the arm provides exacting CMM measurements from two points on a part based on where you make contact. The PolyWorks software option of the arm is one of the best on the market and makes reading the measurements easy and time efficient. Producing quality is important to Met-L-Flo. The expanded capabilities are in compliance and support of the company’s Certifications; this includes D6-51991 Digital Product Definition and related Model Based Definition compliances. The addition of this ROMER Arm to the facility will increase quality, response time and accuracy. This equipment advances the way Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) process are applied at Met-L-Flo.