Michelin JV with AddUp for metal 3D printing

Michelin has been using and developing cutting-edge metal 3D printing technologies for several years. This technology makes it possible to manufacture parts that would otherwise be impossible to produce. AddUp, a joint venture created in conjunction with the industrial engineering specialist Fives, offers our expertise to other industries.

Additive manufacturing technique opens the door to remarkable possibilities. It speeds up the production process and allows manufacturers to make an infinite number of precise, durable parts on order in completely original and complex shapes.

AddUp has been using these strengths (Fives group, which designs machines and production lines for all industrial sectors around the world) since 2015 to develop metal 3D printing. With AddUp, there is a machine that can produce parts at a volume of over 2,563 cubic inches (14” x 14” x 14”) using powders of steel and nickel, titanium and aluminium alloys.

At Michelin, a new and replacement parts for our machines has been produced, which reflects the broad potential of this manufacturing process.