Monash University jumps to Space Age for 3D-rocket design

The 3D-printed rocket.

Monash University engineers have test-fired a rocket they designed and printed using 3D-printing technology.

The new rocket engine is a unique multi-chamber aerospike design which turns the traditional engine shape inside out.

Monash spin-out company Amaero winning contracts with major aerospace companies around the world.

Then, the team of engineering researchers jumped into the Space Age. The team accepted a challenge from Amaero to design a rocket engine. Amaero then printed the design, and the researchers test-fired it.

The joint achievement illustrates the potential of additive manufacturing (or 3D printing) for Australian industry.

The Monash engineers have now created a new venture, NextAero, to take their concepts to the global aerospace industry, starting with the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide 25‑29 September.

Access to Amaero’s 3D-printing expertise enabled NextAero to play to its strengths.

The development of the aerospike rocket was supported by Monash University, Amaero Engineering, and Woodside Energy through the Woodside Innovation Centre at Monash.