Nano created fully functional IoT for smart products


Nano Dimension Ltd., the world’s leading 3D additive manufacturing provider for electronics announced recently that it has created the first fully functional, 3D printed communication device, at a faster speed than has ever been achieved to date with traditionally made devices. This first-ever additively manufactured (3D printed) IoT device developed by Nano Dimension, enables companies and research institutions to create and test their ‘smart’ products and other prototypes faster and more easily than ever before.

Nano Dimension completed the print, assembly and testing of the prototype IoT transceiver device in approximately 18 h, which is about 90% faster than traditional (non 3D printed) devices which typically take approximately 14 days or more. The device was additively manufactured using Nano Dimension’s award-winning DragonFly Pro 3D Printer.

The remote-control type IoT device is currently in its qualification phase and Nano Dimensions’ experts anticipate that it can easily and efficiently be developed into a two-way communication device (transmitter and receiver) such as a router.

Furthermore, this device (essentially a printed circuit board) has many farther-reaching applications than just smart homes.