Nano Dimension delivers DragonFly to PHYTEC

Nano Dimension Ltd., a specialist in the field of 3D printed electronics has recently declared that its wholly owned subsidiary, Nano Dimension Technologies Ltd., has delivered a DragonFly 2020 3D Printer to PHYTEC. Based in Germany, PHYTEC Messtechnik is an industry leader in microprocessor- based solutions for the industrial embedded market, and prides itself on rapid development of the latest technologies. It has offices in Germany, France, the United States, India and China.

This marks the company’s third delivery of the DragonFly 2020 3D Printer to a beta client. The DragonFly 2020 3D Printer will be installed at PHYTEC’s headquarters in Mainz, Germany and will be evaluated as a way to speed up development times for critical electronics systems.

“Nano Dimension receives a high level of interest from potential customers with hundreds of inquiries by companies that are interested in testing the DragonFly 2020 3D Printer”,” said Amit Dror, CEO of Nano Dimension. “As a part of our go-to-market strategy, we are currently focused on supplying printers for evaluation to leading companies around the world, and across key technology sectors. We believe that this will help bolster the adoption of our cutting-edge technology with many prospective customers.”