Nano receives a grant approval for developing hardware

Nano Dimension awarded Space Florida Grant by Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis, and the Israel Innovation Authority

Nano Dimension Ltd., a leading additive electronics provider recently announced that it has received a grant approval from the Israel Innovation Authority, for developing hardware, in cooperation with Harris Corporation, that will fly on the International Space Station (ISS) and communicate with Harris’ ground-based satellite tracking station in Florida.

The total approved budget for the Israeli portion of this project is approximately USD416,000 (NIS 1,500,000), of which the Israel Innovation Authority will finance 40%.

During this one-year project, both companies will optimize the designs of the 3D printing process and radiofrequency (RF) components and prepare a system for the flight studies at the ISS.

In this project, the companies will pioneer the first of a kind space flight experiment that will fly in space at low earth orbit for one year on the ISS, helping to understand how 3D printed circuits, systems, and materials will endure in various space environments.

With 3D printing, the industry can explore a new manufacturing paradigm that eliminates manual labor and streamlines production. Another benefit to this technology is a reduction/elimination of wasted material, making it a “green” process.