Nano unveils DragonFly™ 2020 Pro 3D printer

Nano Dimension Ltd., a leader in the field of 3D printed electronics, has announced the commercial availability of the DragonFly™ 2020 Pro 3D Printer.

The larger DragonFly 2020 Pro replaces the desktop-sized model that was tested during Nano Dimension’s Beta period. The evolution in size and capabilities is the direct result of valuable customer feedback. Benefits of the “Pro” model include high precision and resolution, easy maintenance, and an extendable platform.

The DragonFly 2020 Pro 3D Printer is a one-stop solution for 3D-printed electronics. Using the system offers users a variety of capabilities and attributes: (i) Print high resolution trace and space with the precise inkjet deposition system. (ii) Construct the full range of multilayer PCB features – including interconnections such as buried vias and plated through holes. (iii) Keep sensitive and proprietary design information in-house while developing. (iv) Enjoy the quick production of professional multilayer PCB prototypes, antennas, experimental electronic circuits and more, allowing for faster revisions and more creative board designs.