Nanogrande unveils MPL-1 – a metal nanoscale 3D printer

The president and founder of Nanogrande, Mr. Juan Schneider, has officially unveiled the MPL-1, the world first metal nanoscale 3D printer. Built around its patented technology – the Power LayeringTM – to form particle layers, MPL-1 makes nanotechnology accessible to a whole new market by opening the door for additive manufacturing.

The high level of particle compaction achieved by the Power LayeringTM, as well as the size of the particles, considerably eliminate the needs for support structures typical of 3D printing. This way, there is a noticeable reduction in post-printing costs. In addition, Nanogrande can offer its particles at a lower cost because the process does not require expensive spherical particles.

The founder of Nanogrande also took the opportunity to congratulate his team for their hard work and the many sacrifices for the start up. The development of MPL-1 took several years of work.