NDX and Carbon apply 3D DLS technology in NDX Labs

Image: www.carbon3d.com

National Dentex Labs (NDX), the largest network of dental labs by revenue in the U.S., and Carbon, a Silicon Valley-based digital 3D Manufacturing company, has announced a multi-year agreement to help NDX’s labs stay on the cutting-edge of technology through Carbon’s complete dental solution.

NDX relies on 3D printing technology to fabricate models, casting and a variety of implant guides. However, the increasing demand for these items has led the organization to seek a solution that cannot meet this growth in efficiency, accuracy, and aesthetics.

Carbon offers a revolutionary alternative to 3D printing, fusing light and oxygen to rapidly produce high-quality, end-use products from a pool of resin. Its proprietary Digital Light SynthesisTM (DLS) technology, robust and reliable 3D printers, and broad portfolio of materials deliver a complete solution for all dental production needs. Carbon’s solution significantly improves efficiency and accuracy, reduces time from design to manufacture, and provides important features such as part traceability and serialization through next-gen software design tools.

Further, Carbon’s unique subscription-based model closely aligns it to its customers’ businesses, helping ensure the business is always up and running for optimal customer experiences and capabilities.