New Balance launches running shoe with 3D printed midsole

New Balance has announced they will be launching the first high performance running shoe with a 3D printed midsole.T hrough an exclusive collaboration with 3D Systems and their newly developed elastomeric powder, DuraForm® Flex TPU, New Balance has made advancements in the performance of printed parts for running shoes. The new midsoles leverage the benefits of 3D printing and breakthroughs in materials science to achieve an optimal balance of flexibility, strength, weight and durability. This limited edition of the 3D printed running shoe will be launched first in Boston in April 2016 and then in select New Balance retail locations around the globe.

The latest designs of the 3D printed midsole are based on underfoot pressure data from heel strikers with more cushioning elements in areas of higher average pressure. For midsole production, New Balance uses selective laser sintering (SLS), which converts new powder materials into solid cross-sections, layer by layer, using a laser. DuraForm® Flex TPU powder strengthens the resulting parts and gives elasticity that is ideal for performance running shoes