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AR technology in glasses from SLS 3D printer

New technologies are the field where evolution and changes are the most noticeable. And such are the 3D systems of augmented reality – the devices are constantly upgraded to guarantee the highest image quality. The combination of virtual 3D reality and non-virtual reality is the result of a collaboration between Sinterit and Professor Rigo Herold – a German researcher working on developing AR technology as well as on the design of data glasses.

More speakers confirmed for AM Seminar COMPAMED / MEDICA

Almost all speakers for the upcoming AM Seminar at COMPAMED / MEDICA on November 13 are confirmed. Here 3D fab+print organise a half-day seminar dedicated to Additive Manufacturing for medical applications.
Rizium One is a proprietary compound thermoplastic that is high on the engineering thermoplastic

The importance of Z-strength in 3D Printing

It’s whitepaper Wednesday! In this whitepaper from Rize you’ll learn the Z-strength of 3D printed parts built using Rize’s Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD) 3D printing process and how it compares to similar technologies.

First speakers AM Seminar MEDICA / COMPAMED confirmed

The first speakers for the AM Seminar have confirmed their participation on Monday, November 13 at MEDICA / COMPAMED, where 3D fab+print organise a half-day Seminar on the application possibilities and challenges of Additive Manufacturing in the medical world.
Dr Holzgruber, Managing Director INTECO (left) and Dr Guzzoni, VP & CEO FOMAS

FOMAS and INTECO enter joint development agreement to produce metal powders...

The FOMAS Group and the INTECO Group have signed a cooperation agreement to produce metal powders dedicated to the Additive Manufacturing market. The agreement is rooted in their complementary industrial operations and joint vision on the future of the Additive Manufacturing industry.
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3D printing and designing – part 2 of 2

Last week we identified hypothetical company ‘3DWorx’ as Dutch and their client to be Dutch as well. In order to answer the next question: “Can 3DWorx use this design for others”, we need to have a look at what it is that the client is going to use 3DWorx’s design for.

An event a day … keeps an Editor updated on AM

It has been a busy week for professionals involved in additive manufacturing. Yours truly visited three events in three days and traveled 1,750 kilometers for this purpose (walking distances at venues not included; my shoemaker will be rubbing his hands...).

Additive Manufacturing as a development method

Recently the VDMA (German Additive Manufacturing Association) spoke with Dr Rinje Brandis from Krause DiMaTec GmbH, a young company with a dozen employees that belongs to the Horstmann Group.
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3D printing and designing – part 1 of 2

Imagine that a 3D printing design business (which we will call ‘3DWorx’) creates a design for a professional client that the client plans on printing out on their own. Is 3DWorx allowed to use this design for others?

3D printed propeller steps closer to completion

Using 3D printing techniques, a prototype of the world’s first class approved ship’s propeller with a diameter of 1,350mm has been manufactured. The propeller has been named ‘WAAMpeller’ and is the result of a cooperative consortium of companies that includes Damen Shipyards Group, Promarin, RAMLAB, Autodesk, and Bureau Veritas.

Advanced lattice creation for footwear production by AM

Footprint 3D is able to create lattice structures from original CAD files quickly using Simpleware’s lattice generation tools. This way, some common deficiencies found in the footwear industry – such as fit and the environmental impact of waste created in traditional molding processes – are tackled.

Product Liability in 3D Printing Processes – final part

This is the fourth and final part of the article that Klaus M. Brisch, LL.M. and Marco Müller-ter Jung, LL.M. – both lawyers with DWF Law in Germany – wrote for 3D fab+print about product liability in the field of additive manufacturing. Did you miss (any one of) the previous parts? Here you can read part one, part two and part three.

3D fab+print Additive Manufacturing Seminar at COMPAMED / MEDICA 2017

On November 13, the first day of MEDICA 2017, there will be an afternoon Seminar dedicated to Additive Manufacturing for medical applications, organized by 3D fab+print.
Outstanding functionality and ease of use will be the trademarks of the new inv3nt xtraM large-scale 3D printer.

The inv3nt principle: Large object printing made easy!

Developer Jochen Keuschnig has complete confidence in the inv3nt large-scale 3D printers: "Not everyone can ‘do big‘. When it comes to 3D printing, a tenth of a millimetre can make all the difference! Various elements in 3D printers frequently cause problems. Thanks to our experience in mechanical engineering, we are often in a position to solve them.”

Product Liability in 3D Printing Processes – part three

This is the third part of the article Marco Müller-ter Jung, LL.M. and Klaus M. Brisch, LL.M. – both lawyers at DWF Law in Germany – wrote for 3D fab+print. The two lawyers focus on the topic of product liability in the field of additive manufacturing.